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Moustakas Nikolaos

Thesis subject: "ambient intelligence audio augmented reality using natural computational interaction and interactive sound design"

Conference proceedings
Ν. Moustakas, Α. Floros and Ν. Kanellopoulos, “The Augmented Reality Audio as a Framework for Audio-only Games Development”, In Proc. of the Hellenic Institute of Acoustics National Conference “Acoustics 2012”, Corfu, Greece, October 2012, pp. 267 - 272 (in Greek).
N. Moustakas, A. Floros and N. Grigoriou, “Interactive Audio Realities: An Augmented / Mixed Reality Audio Game prototype”, In Proc. of the Audio Engineering Society 130th Convention, May 13 - 16 2011, London, UK (preprint 8359). 
N. Moustakas, A. Floros and N. Kanellopoulos, “Eidola: An Interactive Augmented Reality Audio- Game Prototype”, Audio Engineering Society 127th Convention, New York, October 9 -12 2009, (preprint 7872). 
N. Grigoriou, N. Moustakas, A. Floros and N. Kanellopoulos, “dots: an Audio Entertainment Installation using Visual and Spatial-based Interaction”, In Proc. of the AudioMostly 2008 3rd Conference on Interaction with Sound, October 2008, Pitea, Sweden, pp. 112 - 116.