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The laboratory staff consists of Professors and Lecturers of the Department of Audio and Visual Arts, and doctoral candidates.

Moustakas Nikolaos

Thesis subject: "Adaptive Environments of Audio Augmented Reality with the using of Dynamically Variable Sound Mix "

Journal publications

Rovithis, E., Floros, A., Moustakas, N., Vogklis, K., & Kotsira, L. (2019). Bridging Audio and Augmented Reality towards a new Generation of Serious Audio-only Games. The Electronic Journal of e-Learning, 17(2), pp. 144-156, available online at, DOI: 10.34190/JEL.17.2.07

Rovithis, E., Moustakas, N., Floros, A., & Vogklis, K. (2019) Audio Legends: Investigating Sonic Interaction in an Augmented Reality Audio Game. Multimodal Technologies Interact. 2019, 3, 73, DOI: 10.3390/mti3040073

Conference proceedings

Moustakas, N., Floros, A., Rovithis, E., & Vogklis, K. (2019). Augmented Audio-Only Games:A New Generation of Immersive Acoustic Environments through Advanced Mixing. In Audio Engineering Society Convention 146. Audio Engineering Society (AES), Dublin, Ireland


Emmanouel Rovithis Nikos Moustakas, Andreas Floros, Kostas Vogklis, Augmented Reality Audio Games - A First Approach - National Conference ACOUSTICS 2018, Patra, Greece, 2018.


Nikos Moustakas, Andreas Floros, Bill Kapralos, An Augmented Reality Audio Live Network for Live Electroacoustic Music Concerts - In Proc. of the AVAR AES 141th, Los Angeles, 2016

Ν. Moustakas, Α. Floros and Ν. Kanellopoulos, “The Augmented Reality Audio as a Framework for Audio-only Games Development”, In Proc. of the Hellenic Institute of Acoustics National Conference “Acoustics 2012”, Corfu, Greece, October 2012, pp. 267 - 272 (in Greek).
N. Moustakas, A. Floros and N. Grigoriou, “Interactive Audio Realities: An Augmented / Mixed Reality Audio Game prototype”, In Proc. of the Audio Engineering Society 130th Convention, May 13 - 16 2011, London, UK (preprint 8359). 
N. Moustakas, A. Floros and N. Kanellopoulos, “Eidola: An Interactive Augmented Reality Audio- Game Prototype”, Audio Engineering Society 127th Convention, New York, October 9 -12 2009, (preprint 7872). 
N. Grigoriou, N. Moustakas, A. Floros and N. Kanellopoulos, “dots: an Audio Entertainment Installation using Visual and Spatial-based Interaction”, In Proc. of the AudioMostly 2008 3rd Conference on Interaction with Sound, October 2008, Pitea, Sweden, pp. 112 - 116.